Shri. Vijay Shankar,

Udaan School for special children have the motto of “Set free spirit of freedom inherent in every special child”. I feel highly privileged to be part of this special school run by the Allahabad Cantonment Board. I am grateful to the dedicated Special Educators, Physiotherapist, Speech Therapist, and the ancillary staff who have worked selflessly & tirelessly to bring up this school.

     We are living in a fast forward age. Everything is changing at a speed which could not have been imagined in the past few years. Our home, our work place & society at large is constantly changing. And these special children are an integrate part of everyone’s life. To overcome their multiple problems in society there has been a great development. Every from our history we can take many examples of personalities who in spite of limited resources have been able to make a differences in the society.

      I personally am a form behavior of educational systems which not only teaches thes students but also looks for their hidden talents &promotes it. UDAAN has an efficient team of facilitators in the fraternally to take care & promote these students.

      With the support of you dear parents/ guardians we can together achieve the dream that you have for your wards. I look forward with a very positive attitude to develop this school in a better place for all the special children taking admission here.