Speech and language Therapists (also known as speech therapists or speech-language pathologists) observe, diagnose, and treat disorders of speech, language, voice, communication and auditory processing when the disorder results from cerebral palsy, hypoxic brain injury or autism spectrum disorders.

      The services are part of a treatment plan with documented goals for functional improvement of the patient’s condition, e.g. speech, articulation, swallowing or communication with or without alternative methods.

They use a program of exercises to:

  • Strengthen oral muscles.
  • Improve feeding and swallowing disorders techniques including problems with gathering food and sucking, chewing, or swallowing food. For example, a child who cannot pick up food and get it to his/her mouth or cannot completely close his/her lips to keep food from falling out of his/her mouth may have a feeding disorder.
  • Auditory (Aural) rehabilitation which includes speech – language therapy
  • Typically includes the development and improvement of communication skills with concurrent correction of deficits; the development of alternative or augmentative communication strategies, when required; and efforts to enhance social adaptation of the individual in regard to communication.

      Aspeech therapist works with your child on the receptive (understanding) part of speech and language as well as the expressive part (talking) to progress toward the documented treatment plan goals. Speech therapist help improve your child’s ability to speak clearly or communicate using alternative means such as an augmentative communication devise or sign language.

      Speech interventions often use a child’s family members and friends to reinforce the lessons learned in a therapeutic setting. This kind of indirect therapy encourages people who are in close daily contact with a child to create opportunities for him or her to use their new skills in conversation, learning and play.

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