Eligibility for Admission

  • Children of both sexes are eligible for admission
  • The age should be 5 to 18 years
  • I.Q. of the Child should be above 45. The psychological assessment will be done at the time of admission.
  • The Childs should be fit for education and training and not a custodial case that requires residential/hospitalization for associated medical disorder or physical disability
  • The decision of principal regarding admission will be final
  • An application dully signed by the child's parents/guardian along with-
    • A) A recent passport size photograph
    • B) Falmily Photographs
    • C) Proof of age
    • D) Proof of residence should be submitted at the time of admission in the school

Procedure and Criteria of Admission to School

  • The parents / Guardian will apply for admission in the prescribed form
  • Special educator, Psychologist, Doctor and Therapist will initially assess the eligibility of the Child
  • Placement in different group will be on combined criteria of the chronological mental age and adaptive skill of children