General Rule And Regulations for Parents

  1. Parent's complaints to the rules and regulations are essential
  2. As the parents are important member of the training team working for the benifits of the child their paticipation in the meeting and discussions organized for parents in compulsory
  3. In case of children who are capable of coming to the bus pick up point, the parents shell be required to give a certificate to these effects, failing which it shall be compulsory for the parents to accompany the child to the school bus stop and back.
  4. Parents are required to inform the school in case of non attendance of the child due to illness etc. If at any time it is found that the child has not been attending classess regularly without any reason what so ever authorities may in their discretion decide to ask for withdrawl of the child from the school
  5. School authorities shall not be responsible for the loss of any material/ornaments of child. Parents are advised to ensure that no valuable material/ornaments are given to child while comming to school
  6. All the children must wear school uniform

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